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本・雑誌 J@pan Inc(ジャパンインク)
本・雑誌内容 英文ビジネス情報誌 『Japan Inc(ジャパンインク)』は、IT、ネットビジネス、VC、e-コマースの話題を中心に、日本の最新ビジネス事情を世界に紹介する唯一の英文雑誌です。読者は、日本経済に関心のあるビジネスマン、経営者、投資家の方々など約8万人、世界30カ国以上にわたります。
本・雑誌内容詳細 J@pan Inc / Contents - Issue 86 (Summer 2009)


p.07-Executive Interviews: Mark Loomis, Estee Lauder/Adam Salzer, Salzer Consulting

p.10-Out Of The Ether: How virtual servers are providing a green solution that makes economic sense

p.13-Executive Interview: Shingo Hoshino, Currency Online

p.14-The Big Ship: What has happened to Japan’s economy?

p.17-Crossing The Line: Should Japan have aircraft carriers?

p.20-Business From The Ground Up: Sakura House remains a small business at heart

p.22-Fry Up, Worry Down: How one Tokyo-based entrepreneur is taking the heat off fried foods

p.24-The Perfect Storm: Is now the time for collective self defence

p.26-Out Of The Rubble: The Aneha housing safety fiasco has created a new market for insurers

p.28-Real Music For A Virtual World: With nearly 1.5 million members, could concerts in Second Life be the future of music?

p.36-Sayonara Salary Man?: Change and continuity in Japan’s permanent employment system

p.40-The Business Of Short Films: Actor and entrepreneur Tetsuya Bessho talks about the future of the film business


プロダクトNo 5758
出版社 J@pan Inc
発売日 3,6,9,12月の1日
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