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本・雑誌 New Internationalist(ニューインターナショナリスト)英語版
本・雑誌内容 1973年にイギリスで創刊された国際情報誌です。政治、社会、環境、人権など幅 広いテーマで世界の現実、草の根レベルの人々の声、解決に向けた動きを発信し ます。単に問題や課題だけでなく、より良い社会に向けて世界で、あるいは地域 で行われている取り組みや活動も紹介し、主流メディアの一歩先をいくオルタナ ティブを模索、提案しています。日本も含めた世界の将来が気になるという一般 の方から、最新の世界の動きや取り組みを知っておきたいという会社員、研究者、 教員、学生、NGO/NPO、ジャーナリストの方まで、幅広い方々にご活用いただいて います。
THE BIG STORY: Palestine
From accord to Apartheid: The origins of apartheid and its effects for Palestinians
Harvesting oppression: Palestinian farmers tell how Israel is attacking their agriculture while profiting from their lands
Sanctions Mark II: International mobilization of the strategy that helped end South African apartheid
Gaza’s fragile ‘peace’: The Strip is under renewed assault by Israel
Q&A: Equal citizens, one state? Why Palestinians are increasingly looking to a one state model for justice
The art of resistance: How culture is both a tool of and a weapon against occupation

Boost for Right in Chile
Attacks on trans rights in US
Journalist imprisoned in Vietnam
Embargoes limit earthquake aid in Syria
Children taken from their parents in Ukraine
Workers take on Meta in Kenya

Country Profile: Egypt
The Interview: Marta Vidal on Palestinian struggle and why she hi-jacked a plane
Southern Exposure: Brazilian photographer shoots an indigenous funeral
Temperature Check: Should we believe the hype about electric cars?
Agony Uncle advises a support worker who’s sick of their boss

Views from India, Africa and Brazil

‘I’ve painted the hallway red’: Movement providing long-tern housing through mass occupations in Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Long Read-Now for implementation! A landmark reparations ruling could change things for the Ogiek people of Kenya and indigenous people across the region
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