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本・雑誌内容 国際人と英語を学びたい日本人のための英文日本情報誌。東京とその周辺のタウン情報・生活情報から日本の時事問題に至るまで、幅広い内容を掲載。特に時事内容を中心とした特集記事は海外でも取り上げられている。東京ジャーナルでは外国人の視点で分析し、今の日本を紹介しています。
本・雑誌内容詳細 Tokyo Journal Editorial
Inside this issue

Designs Inspired by Vessels
Junko Koshino’s fashion

Harajuku Fashion Walk
Kawaii style on parade

Streetstyle Glamour
Fashionistas that are streets ahead

Actress Charlotte Kate Fox
The American dream in Japan

Actress Sumire Matsubara
Returning to her Japanese roots

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Japan’s youngest conquers Everest

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
80th Birthday Celebration in California

George Foreman on Muhammad Ali
From fighting to peace and compassion

Nobel Prize Laureate Takaaki Kajita
Resolving the Neutrino Puzzle

CNN News Anchor Don Lemon
Breaking the news to the world

The Beach Boys
Mike Love still having Fun, Fun, Fun

The Harlem Globetrotters
Basketball ambassadors celebrating 50 years

US Sumo Open
World’s largest sumo tournament outside Japan

DRUM TAO’s Drum Art
Taiko drumming with a visual bang

Design Festa
Art, performance, fashion and music bonanza

Virtually Falling in Love
Voltage Inc.’s Japanese romance apps

Cheeky Parade
Up-and-coming Japanese idol group

The Ambassadress of Cute
Japan’s cute fashion rep Kimura U

Cosplay as a Career
Professional cosplayer Nekomu Otogi

The Dukes of R&B for 20 years

Two decades of pushing musical boundaries

Japan’s heavy metal pioneers thunder on

The coolest music competition in the world

Join the Night Shift
L.A.’s Citrus College students join the pro circuit

The Ramones
Bob Gruen’s photo flashback

The Shut In
Donald Richie on Somerset Maugham

Through the Eyes of Yankelovich
Challenging the economist worldview

Corporate Governance Code in Japan
A Japan Revitalization Strategy measure

Japan America Society of Southern California
President Douglas Erber on SoCal’s bridge to Japan

David Nunan’s Global Classroom
Transforming education through the virtual classroom

The Chaotic Contrasts of Kathmandu
Nepal’s contemporary third-world landscape

Heroes of the Himalayas
The sherpa: mountaineering and trekking guides

Mari’s Homemade Cooking Recipes
Miso-marinated pork

Sake & Wine Cultures in Japan
Genealogical differences between sake and wine

Chef Ben Ford
Reviving Diversity in the Republic of Georgia

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Edamame Pesto
Super healthy, quick and tasty pasta recipe

Travel to Hokkaido
Japan’s untamed wilderness is a tourist treat

Taking the Higher Road
Photographer Hiroyuku Suzuki’s visual poetry

Destined Encounter of Enishi
The meaning of encounters in Japan

Samurai Spirit
Samurai choreographer talks about virtue in Japan

Garrity’s Japan
Japanese conformity

Sightseeing and People Watching in Japan
Tokyo’s top people-watching spots for tourists

Haitian Culture
Various styles of Haitian art

Parenting with Lorraine
Living vicariously through your children

Expat Life

Yoga Lifestyle
Minds and machines

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